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Homeward Bound

April 12, 2012

So the week has begun!

I know, it’s Wednesday but since Monday was spent in a bus next to the one person in line that I had previously pegged as a serial killer, and since Tuesday was spent running from meeting to meeting to meeting, today was the first day I was able to sit at my desk and answer all my emails. Whew.

Today was also the first time this week I was able to make it to the grocery store to make my lunch “for the week.” Thursday and Friday count as the week, right?

Most importantly, tonight is the first night that I have time to delight you with my Easter morning goodies!

Do you have traditions like this?

That, my friends, is Easter morning breakfast aka punchkies!

The dough is made by my aunt on Saturday. My aunt, 5 lbs of flour, and raisins. This little gem was introduced to my Dad’s family when he was a kid in D.C. His neighbor across the street, an elderly Polish woman, would whip these up for her family, and would bring any leftover to my Dad. Well, him and his 10 siblings. We may not be Polish, but we weren’t going to let these babies go, even if we do butcher the prononication of them a bit.

My Dad picks it up on Saturday night from his sister’s and brings it home where my Mom refrigerates it until Sunday morning.

When this happens.

And this

A few shakes in the ol’ paper bag full of confectionate sugar and…

Ta da!

Ah, home.

The rest of Easter dinner wasn’t too shabby either. Can you tell my vegetarian sister wasn’t in attendance? Lamb and ham?

Dinner was accompanied by my Mem singing “Harbor Lights” anytime there was a pause in conversation. She’s 91 and a class act.

Are you worried I only ate junk in Maine? Don’t worry.

PLUS I went to the gym.

Where they serve beer?

And I kept it light at breakfast.

But mostly, I slept, I read, and I barely made it out of the house (and my pajamas). Yep, the long weekend was just what I needed.

In case you’re keeping track, the big move to San Francisco that inspired this little blog is fast approaching. I have been so focused on work, and job hunting, and car rentals, and apartment listings, that my time in New York is moving faster than it took me to tear into those punchkies. I’m so aware of wrapping things up, and ending on a good note, that my weekends (and my blog!) have suffered. So, ok. This isn’t my first vow on this blog, and really, it’s just an iteration of the mission statement, but here’s to enjoying my last few months here. As the weather warms, and as the weekends melt away, I promise to make a greater effort to be present. To take a stroll at lunch and enjoy my favorite burger place’s outdoor seating. To spend even more time on my little roof without a view,  and to work as hard as I can, but to appreciate that I’m at a job where I’m still learning, and where nothing has become a routine.

It’s time to be present, folks, for my friends, for my co-workers, and for myself.

I guess it’s true what they say, there’s no place like home, for a good think, for some booze while you work out, and to remember what makes home so special, wherever it is.

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