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The Sweet Spot

April 7, 2012

I’m home this weekend for a much needed pause, but I was lucky enough to get a little taste of Maine a week early, when Vanessa and her fiancé Peter came into town to catch a few shows and explore the city with me.

So what’s a girl to do when she’s hosting out-of-towners?

Brunch. Of course.

We started Saturday with brunch at Cafe Cortadito and it was exceptional. Although I wasn’t quite up for the full-sized steak and eggs Vanessa dared order, my French Toast literally melted in my mouth.

Wondering why I am suddenly masterful with the camera? I’m not. These lovely looks at the weekend are courtesy of Peter (thank you!). Peter is a real-life photographer and did a good job making my roof look like it’s cool…

And my face look like it’s photoshopped.

I’m not complaining.

He also attempted to make my friends look civilized.

And almost succeeded.

Despite the gray skies all weekend, we managed to keep busy, and it was a great distraction before a crazy week at work.

Tomorrow is Easter, and in my family, this means a very special morning surprise. No, not the Easter Bunny, but just as sweet.

Coming soon!

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