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The Best Day of My Life

March 12, 2012

According to Alex, today was hers, and I have to say I kind of agree.

We started the day with an 11:00 AM mass. Like most of my friends, I grew up as part of a small community where church isn’t political or divisive, it’s what you do on a Sunday before a big meal with family friends or cousins.  Since I left home, attending mass hasn’t been something that I’ve kept up with very well, but what I believe in hasn’t changed.

Today we went to support one of my best friends, who recently lost her father. There wasn’t a lot of talk about it, or much fuss, but as we stood there together, filed into half of the pew, I remembered the importance of why having a community, church or otherwise, is so vital.

Easily one of the hardest parts of leaving New York is leaving the incredible network of friends that I’ve built here. This weekend, in particular, it was never more clear to me how especially and undeniably lucky I am to have found the kind of people that no one has to ask twice (or even once) for the support we all need sometimes.

Alex may have been a few mimosas deep when she said it, but she nailed it.

Today was the best day of my life. With friends like these, it just keeps getting better.


I’m the bashful friend.

Actually, we’re all pretty camera shy.

So now…

After a long day…

We’re going to go get some ice cream. It’s spring!!

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