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No Juice Left Behind

February 8, 2012

One day down, two more to go!

Today was such a busy day at work I feel like it made a huge difference in making the hours move so smoothly, but all in all, I feel good. AND I didn’t have to work out. What? I’m only drinking juice! I don’t want to pull a DJ Tanner on you.

I started the day with the carrot, ginger, and orange juice and it really was delightful! I usually start the day with a smoothie of some sort, though, so being used to not having something heavy probably really helped me not feel deprived early on.

I did try to avoid my normal second cup of coffee at the office, and my afternoon tea, and am going to try to keep it up for the rest of the week to see if the juice helps make it easier or harder. My family is a family of serious coffee addicts, so when my sister swore by her new juicer being the reason she could skip a morning brew, I was skeptical. We’ll see if she was right. I couldn’t argue with her, it was her birthday. There are rules.

At around 1:00 PM I had my first green juice. I was sort of dreading it, but it turned out to be a pleasant lunchtime juice. This one is a mix of all types. It’s spinach, romaine (for the juice mostly), cilantro (which I adore), parsley, apples, and lemon. It sounds dreadful, but it tasted really fresh and felt almost more like drinking gazpacho from a bottle than anything else.

Things got a little crazy in the afternoon, so I had my third and fourth juice spread a little farther apart than the morning juices. However, it’s a testament to this little experiment that I only ever really felt hungry around the suggested 2 or 2 1/2 hour mark.

The third juice, which is the prettiest due to the heavy red of the beets, also has apples, carrots, and lemon. This one was delightful, but I had to run to the bathroom for a quick teeth check when I was finished. Red teeth is not a great look.

Lastly, before I wrapped up the day, I had another green one. The dark green beverage was not great for trying to smile at my work crush, but hey, it’s good for the bod, and it kept me from digging into our unlimited supply of office junk food that I usually turn my attention to around that time.

For the most part, Alex is spearheading this effort and is generally making it up as she goes. Since we have mostly been juicing for two, our numbers have been high, but I think it would be fair to say to use about two of everything (per juice) if you’re going to try this. Two apples, if you need apples, or two oranges. The greens go on heavy, since they yield less juice, and lemon just makes everything better, so taste test it out and see what you think.

What really counts is that it gave me enough energy to work an extra long day, zip home, bake my sister her favorite Peanut Butter Cookie Dough Balls (which if you have been in the blog world for more than a minute, you have heard about, eaten, and thoroughly enjoyed). It also gave me enough energy to restrain from gobbling up every last one.

Tonight was an easier juicing experience, and we even conned our roommates Liz and Lupo to help peel the oranges.

If I never peel an orange again, it will be too soon.

All in all, juicing to show tunes with my roomies was a nice little way to spend the evening. It even got us all off the couch.

We’ll see if it feels as charming tomorrow.

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