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Juice in the Afternoon (and morning, evening and night)

February 7, 2012

Alex got a juicer from her Uncle a few weeks ago, and though drinking my meals has never been a particular dream of mine, she was pretty excited that we could take control of our own destiny (and wallets) and create our own personalized cleanses, avoiding the fiscal wallop of the more popular (and delivered) ones.

Now this, this is not my thing. I really am a true believer of “everything in moderation” and “milk is ok” and “it’s only girl scout cookie season once a year so it’s reasonable to eat a sleeve of thin mints in two days.” But for things like this, unity really is better, and a little group accountability can make it much easier to do.

So I figured, why not? Personally, a cleanse like this is less about weight loss and more about a thorough clean. I hear so much about renewed energy and tuned up digestion from these juice stints, that I decided I’d like to see it for myself. Could juice really have the strength to do all that?

We spent about an hour at the grocery store collecting everything we’d need to find out. Here’s a peek at the list:

Oranges (12-15)

Apples (5-6)

Carrots (1-2 bags – I already have a lot of carrots)

Romaine (2 bags)

Celery (2 bunches)

Spinach (2 bags)

Cilantro (1-2 bunches)

Cucumbers (8-10)

Kale (lots)


Parsley (1-2 bunches)

Lemon (4-6)


Beets (3-4)

Grapefruit (3-4)

Coconut water

Almond milk

You think that’s a lot? Trying juicing it. We shed our frustrations with The Bachelor’s Ben and Courtney on some oranges, and then some apples, and, several heads of lettuce. And cucumbers.

Two hours later, and we’re finally set for tomorrow. I think my biggest challenge will be not chewing. I’m a snacker, and it’ll be tough not to tear into a bar or enjoy my afternoon sweet. From what I’ve heard, the juices really do satisfy you, so hopefully I’ll find myself thinking less about food, and more about work, bolstered by my condensed servings of vitamins.

The plan is to have a juice about every 2 or 3 hours. Since I usually get to work around 10:00, I think I’ll start then, following up with the others at 12:30/1:00 (depending on how ravenous I am), 2:30/3:00, and 4:30/5:00.

Once I’m home, I may try to work in some light exercise, followed by one more juice and lastly, an almond milk shake. I have a feeling by the time that shake rolls around, I’ll be licking the inside of my cup, but only time will tell.

Wish me luck, and hope your week is off to a similarly interesting start!

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