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January 28, 2012

I adore Saturdays. I woke up this morning, frantic and grabbing at my phone, and then I realized…it’s the weekend.

I love when that happens.

Last night I was able to take advantage of restaurant week here in New York, and I met up with some of my friends from studying abroad in college. Nicole, Amy and Kristina rescued me on my first day in Rome when I was wandering the streets trying to find a hair dryer. Priorities.

They adopted  me and we became inseparable for the next few months. Whether we were sharing some of Nicole’s homemade pasta fagioli in our apartments, or filing in and out of hostels, restaurants, and museums, we just clicked. We spent the majority of our time abroad eating, packing, and drinking cheap wine, but more importantly, we spent a large part of it laughing – no small feat when you are cramped in an overnight train from Carnevale, you know what I’m saying?

To harken back to our time in Italy, we went to Fig & Olive. I had the Northern Italian Mushroom & Truffel soup, which was perfect (especially when you’re sitting under the cool air vent). It was a delightful warm up to the Penne Funghi Tartufo, which I gobbled up so fast my fellow diners barely had time to try it. For dessert we split the “crostini” (shortbread cookies with cherries and mascarpone, a highly underrated topping) and a thick chocolate mousse.

We had a lovely time catching up, followed up by some lovely drinks, and though we weren’t here:


It’s who you’re with that counts.

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