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Through New Eyes

January 17, 2012

Happy long weekend! It’s been a good one. My friend from home, Christina, came to visit on Saturday for a few days, and we were able to fit in some New York sights for her enjoyment.

It ended up being just the right weekend, with enough going on to be busy, but not so much that we weren’t able to squeeze in some very tasty meals and some very sleep filled nights.

More importantly, it helped me revisit the city from the eye’s of someone who doesn’t live here, and to see all the crazy fun things that I could do as a New Yorker.

Once Christina arrived on Saturday, we got a quick lunch at Eli’s, followed by a MUCH-NEEDED pedicure. As I have referenced many a time, the finances of this move to San Francisco are the most daunting aspect of it, which is why I’ve really made an effort to brown bag it during the week, and why I have also ignored my poor feet ever since flip flops weren’t in-season.

After our toes were dutifully addressed, we came back to my apartment for some wine, and to get dolled up for the evening. We met up with Carrie, Alex and Colleen for Colleen’s pre-birthday dinner at The Smith. We kicked off the celebrations with some fancy cocktails (mine was champagne, gin, and lemon juice – went down easy), followed up with a heaping bowl of spaghetti and meatballs that I knew I wouldn’t be able to finish…until I did.

We may have also finished off a plate of their warm potatoes chips drizzled with cheese. Don’t judge.

Sunday, which felt like Saturday and was therefore awesome, began with a chicken salad sandwich from H&H (the city’s best bagels – this is a fact) and then a trek along the highline in the bitterly cold 20-something degree weather. As a party pooper of the Manhattan population, it was (shamefully) my first time visiting the highline and honestly, once we were up there, I barely minded the cold. It felt good to get out in the open air  and to see the city from a different perspective. Plus, once your face goes numb, it’s a breeze.

Our stroll was followed up with some poking around in Chelsea Market, where I eyed some cheap wine glasses and books. Then we headed home for taco night + the Golden Globes with the girls. Carrie provided Funfetti, as any good dinner guest should do.

After all the weekend exploring and once Christina headed back to Boston, I got to all the business of the weekend, like exercise and grocery shopping, coupled with the added delight of being able to run alongside the East River at 2:00 PM, instead of fight off  the urge to binge eat from the office candy bowls.

Overall, this weekend gave me the perfect chance to do a lot, sleep a lot, and eat a lot. It showed me the city through Christina’s out-of-town eyes, and when she stated how lucky we were to live so close to everything, I couldn’t help but agree.

Breakast on Saturday + Sbucks and Tina Fey’ Bossypants. Review to come!

Alex, Christina, and Col, all bundled up!

+ me!

Five girls. That cake didn’t stand a chance.

Now it’s the best time of any Monday, even the ones when you don’t have to work.

The Bachelor! Ben lives in San Fran. Just leaving my options open.

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