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The reason(s) for the season

December 29, 2011

Oh my.

I have been the worst. Can you blame me? I was distracted with piles of butter-crunch and pie.

But still, it’s no excuse. So what if I was sleeping until 11:00 everyday, greeted with a Starbucks Misto and fed delightful confections? I shouldn’t have been lured away so easily, so I’m here to apologize.

Now, I’m back in New York, my roommates are not, and I can finally slow down and chat with you.

This Christmas was just what I needed. Somehow I actually felt like I had enough time to see everyone I wanted to see, and I still managed to sleep in, go for a few runs, and eat my body weight in cookies. I also got to READ, watch Butterfield 8 and bake a pie.

First thing is first. I’m halfway through The Marriage Plot and I have to say, it made my regional (read: slow as molasses) Amtrak ride about 10 times better than usual. It begins a little slowly, but as an English major, I sort of loved all the obscure references to theory in the first few chapters.  However, even I was also a little turned off by it. I am sort of a fake English major, in that if something gets too bogged down with pretension and tangled references, I toss is. So it took some discipline, while curled in an armchair sipping Mint tea, to truck along but, I’m happy I did. I’m not far enough into it to ruin it for you, but honestly, I want you to try it yourself. Once you get through the endless allusions to Derrida in the beginning, you’ll be happy you stuck around.

But let’s be real. This vacation wasn’t only about reading. It’s about reconnecting with the people who you just don’t get to see enough…over a table of this.

The answer to what you’re thinking is yes. Yes those are gingerbread cupcakes with clementine frosting. Yes that’s a homemade pear pie with caramel sauce. Yes that’s butternut squash risotto. Yes those are grilled lobster tails. And yes, I’m eating butter-crunch right now.

I don’t even like cooked carrots, but those are some pretty carrots, right?

The food was incredible, as always. But, like I said, this holiday really is about relaxing alongside those we don’t get to see as much as we’d like when we’re moving along our daily routines.

Namely, our adorable parents.

Our siblings.

Our grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins.

That’s what Christmas is about, right?

Oh, and snow.

And Christmas lights.

I would be remiss to ignore the other best part of this holiday, aka presents! Are these pictures looking sharper to you? They should be, because they were taken with my new Canon Rebel, as opposed to my iPhone. I mean, look at the details on those spiced pecans up there!

This season also inevitably lends itself to the mad dash race to detox before I try to zip myself into a New Year’s dress.

I have one in mind and it’s taunting me from my closet so, I swiped the inspiration for this from Jenna over at Eat,Live,Run. It was quick, easy, and surprisingly scrumptious.

-A few handfuls of spinach
-A spoonful of garlic flavored humus
-Goat Cheese (as much as you please)
-Hot sauce
-Balsamic vinaigrette
-Handful of chopped pecans for crunch

I will also be sweating it out at Soul-Cycle tomorrow. Have I discussed Soul-Cycle yet? Don’t worry I will. Probably tomorrow, when I’m hopped up on adrenaline.

ANYWAY. This post has been all over town, but what I wanted to say, was to wish you and yours a supremely Merry Christmas and a very happy New Year. I’ll be back with updates, as we will be hosting our third annul New Year’s Eve party this year.

I still find confetti in my bedroom from last year’s party.

You get the point.

However, I don’t know that it will hold a candle to this year, my last one in New York + our friend Bridget (SF moving friend!) joining us for the festivities.

I love the holidays.

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