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Like Crazy

December 4, 2011

This weekend was definitely like crazy. In a good way.

Friday night, which was meant to be my “stay-in-and-get-a-good-night’s-sleep” night, turned out to be a “coming-in-at-3:30-in-the-morning” night.

We went to a party with a bunch of Fordham people, and it was so great to see so many familiar faces.

Fordham is where my roommates and I all went to school, and without trying to sound like a catalog for it, it was a dream of a college experience. Honestly, I could write a whole post about it. I probably will.

I graduated from Fordham kicking and screaming to stay. In my four years there, I grew a remarkable amount and the majority of it was due to the exceptional friends I made (and have kept), and the things I was able to do while a student there. Being in New York was such a giant part of that, that it will be strange to walk home (can you walk home in SF?) and not see this.

But, despite the Christmas lights, this weekend was about one occasion, Carrie’s birthday.

On Saturday morning we had a girls brunch at Peel’s and it was delightful! I had grits and bacon. It was one of those mornings. On Saturday night, we all piled into a cab and headed across town to dine at the ever classy, “China Wine.” This restaurant, which has a real name that I don’t think I have ever learned, offers cheap chinese food with, wait for it, unlimited wine.

Sure, the wine is from a box and the food is mediocre. Yes, the bathroom is 7 ft. from your table, but we use to come here all the time at Fordham (and after) and we know all the waiters and did you hear me? Unlimited wine.

Unfortunately, it appears we are the only ones who think so fondly of China Wine because when we arrived, it was closed! As in lights out, shuttered up, closed! Luckily, the birthday girl is a trooper, so we decided to assemble at a BYOB Indian restaurant instead.  After a delicious dosa, several (dozen) classes of wine, and some birthday cake, we danced through the tail end of Carrie’s birthday at Dorrian’s.

This morning Alex and I woke up, and by morning I naturally mean afternoon, hydrated, and decided to catch a movie. We saw “Like Crazy”. It’s about a long-distance relationship, but is so real, and so universal, it’s easy to fall into and mentally pin the head of your ex-boyfriend on the male actor. In other words, go see it. But see it with a girlfriend.

Now we are back, and settling in for an early Sunday night, and cereal for dinner since I ate my body weight in movie theater popcorn.

Happy Birthday, Carrie!

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