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True love

November 29, 2011

Hi all,

Today was a verrry slow start to the week, so I sped up my workday by browsing through bridesmaids dresses!

Two of my best friends in the world are getting married within this upcoming year. I know that everyone always says that being a bridesmaid is a special kind of nightmare where both your bank account and self-worth disappear before your eyes, but I have a feeling that won’t be the case for these weddings.

Luckily for me, I love both these gals and even luckier, I love both of these gals’ guys. I’m really happy to say that both of these couples are exactly the relationships you want your friends to be in, and that both weddings will be a really incredible time.

First up, this July (and if all goes according to plan, right before the big move to California) is Vanessa’s wedding. Vanessa has been my best friend since nursery school. Since she had knobby little knees and glasses, and my baseball cap clad head had enough orthodontia in it to make me sink to the deep end of her pool. I had to wear floaties for the rest of the summer.

This is before I realized I could dye my hair.

We went to different colleges, and then she went to LONDON to be brilliant and get a master’s degree while I sweated it out in the states. She’s adorable and funky and way cooler than me without even trying, and she knits her own mittens. And she bakes. And she scrapbooks. What more could you need? She’s also so intertwined with my own life that going to her wedding in Maine and celebrating with her family (and mine) is going to be the perfect way to say goodbye to the East Coast.

The second wedding will be Carrie’s, in September. Carrie was my first ever college friend because my father MADE me go speak to her at our Freshman orientation to pry me out of the corner I was cowering in. From that day on, we have been on the same wavelength. Carrie is thoughtful without trying, funny without knowing, and is hands down the most patient listener and generous cheerleader I have, which is pretty great to find in a friend.

Especially when they are forced to be seen dancing with you. Publicly.

That’s love.

Carrie’s wedding will be extra fun because it’s going to be in Charleston (!!!) and because since she and her fiancé started dating a few years ago, his friends and our friends have also come together. Basically this wedding will be a normal Friday night + dresses – disco fries (maybe) + a dance floor that we don’t have to share with anyone.

Yup, that’s love.

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