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Turkey Race

November 26, 2011

No, I did not run a Turkey race but it sure feels like it. We were up bright and early on Thanksgiving morning to watch my Dad do some actual running with my aunts and cousins.

Go family!

I cheered them on from the sideline, bundled up and with a hot coffee. I like to run in peace, where I can grumble about it to myself with no judgement.

After the run, my Mem and Aunt Jane came over for dinner! It was everything I have been dreaming of and more.


My favorite part. The stuffing.

And let’s not forget the pies!

Holy cow.

After this, we went to my Aunt’s to enjoy yet another spread of desserts. No pictures were taken as I was already mid-way into a food coma.

On Friday, my parents packed the car with wine, cheese, and lobster (!) for Thanksgiving #2 in New York with my sister, her boyfriend, and his family.

So after 6 hours in the car, New York holiday traffic, and a frantic late-night dinner with my sister, here we are, ready and willing.

Good thing I’ve been training for this.

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